Whether you're a university or a training center looking to expand to tech, or an entrepreneur with a passion to open your own tech training center, Wawiwa is your partner to success:

Offer Tech Training programs in just 6 months.

Reskill students to tech jobs in high demand and set them on the fast track to tech.

Your facilities. Our expertise and knowledge.

The result? A cutting-edge training center, up and running in 6 months.

Address the skills shortage problem.

Become a true employee training force, in accordance with today's market needs.

Provide real advancement opportunities.

Transform unskilled individuals into tech professionals.

The Fast Track to Tech

Skill shortage is a growing problem.
You can be the solution.

Today’s global market needs tech professionals. Unfortunately, there are not enough qualified tech personnel to fill the number of available positions. The gap is wide – and it’s growing.

Why is there a skills shortage?

Retrain talented individuals.
Reduce unemployment levels.

In only 4-6 months, you can open a tech training center that offers state-of-the-art, industry-tailored courses. These courses will reduce the skills gap in your country, and will help lower the national unemployment rate.

By partnering with us, you'll have access to:

* All onboarding processes can be conducted remotely, if needed.

Why partner with Wawiwa?

Our team has been developing tech training programs for over two
decades. We’re using our practical knowledge to create optimal methods
for building and operating profitable, scalable and successful training

Wawiwa offers its partners:

We are Wawiwa

Wawiwa was established by a team of passionate EdTech professionals with vast tech training experience. Our goal is to put our expertise to good use and to create a positive impact on markets with a demand for high-quality tech employees.

Meet the Team

Eran Lasser

Eran Lasser

Founder & CEO

Leah Mansoor

VP Business Development

Oded Israeli

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Anderson

Chief Training Officer

Asaf Amir

Head of Software Development Programs

Nadav Nachmias

Nadav Nachmias

Head of Cybersecurity Programs

Talia Morchi

Head of Data Scientist Program

Leon Malalel

Head of Product Manager Program

Liran Ben Haim

Head of Data Scientist Program

Or Segalovich

Co-Head of Digital Marketing Programs

Uri Nissan

Co-Head of Digital Marketing Programs

Shai Rosen

Head of UI/UX Program

Kobi Yonasi

Head of Quality Assurance Programs

Lidor Gerstel

Lidor Gerstel

Head of DevOps Programs

Rinat Shalev

Head of Assessment and Screening

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