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The global tech industry grows at an unprecedented pace, and the number of available tech positions greatly outnumber the number of skilled employees, creating a global tech skills shortage. There’s also a gap between the skills of fresh college and university graduates and the tech skills that the industry desires from the workforce.

Wawiwa Tech Training works with partners around the world to establish local tech training centers, to offer tech training programs, and to provide job-ready graduates to help close the tech skills gap in each local ecosystem. We bring the immense “know-how” accumulated in Israel, the Startup Nation, in tech training to our partners around the world.

Wawiwa’s Partners Around the World

Wawiwa has established partnerships in 

countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America is constantly looking to establish new partnerships.

Wawiwa signed a partnership with Selectivv Academy, a leading digital advertising agency and academy in Warsaw, Poland. Selectivv was founded in 2015. By 2021, Selectivv has become one of the largest digital agencies in all of Central East Europe. Through this exciting partnership, Selectivv Academy is able to reskill people in Poland to become Digital Marketing Specialists, UX/UI Designers, and Frontend Developers.

BBS, a leading training provider in Singapore, proudly became Wawiwa’s partner in April 2021. Together, BBS and Wawiwa bring Israel’s technology and training expertise in Cybersecurity to Singapore, where BBS will train and reskill people with no experience to become Cybersecurity Analysts, and upskill IT professionals in Cybersecurity with focused B2B programs for Incident Response, Practical Cyber Forensics Investigation, and Advanced Cyber Malware Analysis.

Wawiwa’s partnership in Sri Lanka is with Masters Corporate Education, a part of Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC). SLTC is a leading university in Sri Lanka, delivering a wide variety of technology degree and course programs. Through their partnership with Wawiwa, they reskill Sri Lankans to become Data Scientists and Data Analysts.

Risk 2 Solution Group (R2S) is Wawiwa’ partner in Brisbane, Australia. R2S is a leader in integrated risk solutions and is known to innovate in the risk management world. Through its partnership with Wawiwa, R2S expanded its services to include tech training programs for Cyber Security Analysts, Full-Stack and Frontend Developers, and DevOps Specialists.

The International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) became a partner of Wawiwa in September 2021.  ILAC is an award winning education provider in Canada, providing a diverse course offering to students. Through partnership with Wawiwa, ILAC will now include tech reskilling and upskilling programs that will  train students to be Full-Stack Developer and Cybersecurity Analysts.

NewTech Academy is the most advanced tech education hub in Romania. Through partnership with Wawiwa, initiated in May 2021, NewTech Academy has become a national center for technology training. NewTech  trains students to become Full-Stack Developers, Frontend Developers, and UX/UI Designers.

What Our Partners Have to Say

Partnership Benefits

You can partner with Wawiwa to open a tech training center in your country, or offer tech training programs in your existing center, in less than 6 months! You would get access to a wide range of resources and benefits that will help us establish a high quality, tech training center for your local ecosystem.

Robust Team Experience

The Wawiwa team brings years of combined technical, instructional, and educational technology industry experience to the table. Our team members have been actively involved in training over 50,000 tech professionals in various countries over the past two decades. Our business model includes a proven screening process and career consultation for applicants. Our ongoing support and monitoring ensure the success of our program, for all parties involved.

Local Industry Tailored Programs

Wawiwa’s effective employee training is designed to meet diverse industry demands, based on each center’s local tech ecosystem. These programs are derived from emerging technologies, and will change and adapt to maintain relevance to industry standards. Within the curriculum, students will be taught a unique combination of essential soft skills and technical expertise. The Wawiwa tech program helps create an environment where students can easily learn new skills and fit local job requirements.

Proven Methodology

Wawiwa has implemented a proven and structured method for teaching, known as the Job Effective Training Method (JET). Through six key principles, up-to-date technologies, instruction methods, and modular units, we provide students with digital workforce knowledge that enables them to become essential to their employers.

Detailed Onboarding Process

We work hand-in-hand with our business partners to ensure their success. While our partners are expected to run the center’s day-to-day operations, ·  Wawiwa will provide a wide range of training center establishment services, critical systems such as LMS, marketing and business support, and, above all, a commitment to train the trainers and maintain trainee satisfaction regarding program materials and local trainers. 

Access to Alumni Resources

Every partnership includes the Alumni Resources page, powered by AlmaShines. When each center’s students graduate, they gain access to this platform, allowing graduate’s access to the Wawiwa alumni network, potential opportunities, and relevant updates from Wawiwa. 

Short Time-to-Market

Our onboarding program will enable you to launch the first tech training program in as little as 6 months! We pride ourselves on flexibility, offering in-person and hybrid modalities.

Becoming Our Partner

Wawiwa Tech Training has been able to partner with multiple companies, all around the world, to provide tech upskilling and reskilling programs for those seeking a high demand career within the tech industry. However, we do not plan on stopping there! We hope to spread the Isreali tech knowledge around the world, and to do our part in shortening the tech skills shortage. 

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