Frontend Developer Program


260 Hours / 5 Months, Part-Time Evening Course


Websites and web applications are critical components for any business to stay competitive. This creates a serious demand for web developers, the people responsible for coding, building, analyzing, and maintaining all those websites.

Frontend Developers specialize in building the client-side software that we interact with. They know how to code everything from images and colors to menus and rotating sliders. Programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the tools of their trade.

The Frontend Developer program is the ideal solution for driven and motivated individuals with a tendency for creative problem solving (with or without previous programming background), who wish to launch a leading and sought-after career in the tech industry.


Module 1. HTML

  • Computer introduction
  • HTML introduction

Module 2. CSS Basics

  • CSS introduction
  • Modern HTML & CSS3
  • CSS Flex box

Module 3. JavaScript

  • Introduction to programming with JS
  • for Loops
  • Arrays
  • Ajax
  • jQuery

Module 4. Getting started with React.js library

  • React introduction
  • Components and props
  • Forms

Module 5. Build tools

  • JS testing
  • Sass
  • Modules

Module 6. Backend – NodeJS introduction

  • NodeJS introduction
  • Express
  • Websockets
  • npm

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