Entry-level Cybersecurity Training

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450 Hours / 9 Months, Part-Time Evening Course


Cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics in technology nowadays. Studies suggest a huge shortage in Cybersecurity Analysts and a constant increase in demand for this profession.

Deloitte and Google cited the Future of the SOC Report by ISC(2): “A massive and growing talent shortfall is one of the most critical challenges facing the cybersecurity world today. In fact, nowhere in IT is the talent shortage more pronounced than in the cyber arena. A 2019 workforce study by (ISC)2 estimated the number of unfilled cyber roles globally at four million. The study also found that the number rose by over one million in just a single year. This skills gap is dire in every geographic region and industry, and impacts organizations of all sizes.”

This program is an entry point for beginners and career changers to the world of Cybersecurity. Students would develop knowledge of cybersecurity tools, emerging threats, typical vulnerabilities, and hacking patterns. The program would establish students’ skills in system monitoring and operations, incident response, and cyber forensics through real-world cybersecurity scenarios through hands-on interactive simulations.


Tier 1

  • Intro to Cybersecurity
  • Linux Basics
  • Networking
  • Intro to Cyber Defense

Linux Operations

  • Command Line Interface
  • Log Parsing
  • Administrating the System
  • Bash Shell Scripting
  • Linux Services
  • Dockers

Network Research

  • Virtualization
  • Advanced Networking
  • Intro to Network Forensics
  • Cyber Attacks and Mitigation


  • Firewalls
  • Incident Response
  • Monitoring the Network
  • Setting SOC Environment
  • Intrusion Detection

Network Security

  • Detecting Vulnerabilities
  • Advanced Security Awareness
  • Advanced Network Security
  • Environment Hardening
  • Network Hardening

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