Get Local Accreditation for Wawiwa’s Global Programs

Graduation Certification Ceremony

As a global tech training provider, Wawiwa partners with education and training institutions around the world to deliver its cutting-edge programs to students.

Our onboarding process includes valuable support to help our partners, including providing branded graduation certificates.

In case of regulative needs or market demand, we also assist our partners achieve accreditation by the relevant bodies, so that our programs are recognized and meet any applicable standards by local government and industry.

Is a Formal Accreditation Required?

All of Wawiwa’s graduates worldwide receive a branded certificate of graduation by their local center and Wawiwa. This certificate established their successful completion of the tech training program, and can be shared with potential employers and on social networks. In most countries, such a certificate is well-appreciated and sufficient, especially when graduates are also able to demonstrate their job-readiness and portfolio of work.

Accordingly, formal accreditation is not always a requirement. In a few countries, every vocational training program needs to be accredited, while in most countries, accreditation is voluntary and can be a useful tool for demonstrating the quality of a tech training program. 

Accreditation can come in two forms: accreditation of the training center itself, and accreditation of specific programs offered by the center. Accreditation of the training center may be necessary according to local laws. Accreditation of specific programs can be critical in certain industries and in certain countries, where it is a requirement for recognition by the relevant authorities. Such authorities might include the local Ministry of Education (dealing with higher education) or the Ministry of Labor (dealing with vocational training, aka TVET).

Ultimately, the decision to pursue accreditation should be made by our local partner, based on the local regulatory regime and the specific needs and goals of the local training center.

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Benefits of Local Accreditation

Accreditation of tech training programs offers numerous benefits for students, employers, and training centers, including recognition, credibility, and assurance that the education received meets industry standards.

Additionally, many governments offer financing opportunities for students who attend accredited programs, or for training centers offering in-demand vocational programs, further increasing the value of such programs.

Wawiwa’s Accreditation Support Process

Wawiwa’s team have a proven, structured process for passing accreditation requirements in different countries:

1. Understanding National Requirements

Every country has different regulations and requirements for tech education programs, and it’s important to meet these standards in order to pass accreditation. Wawiwa works closely with our partners to understand the specific requirements of their country, including documentation and reporting procedures.

2. Matching Syllabi to Local Industry Requirements

The tech industry is constantly evolving and it’s important to keep up with the latest developments in order to provide relevant training to students. Our programs cover a wide range of tech subjects, including software development, data science and analysis, and cybersecurity, to mention a few. We continually review and update our programs and syllabi to reflect the latest industry global trends and developments, so that our graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

We also collaborate with our partners to match our syllabi to the local industry requirements and definitions of specific job roles. We also ensure to maintain the principles of our Job-Effective Training Design methodology. This ensures that our graduates are well-equipped to enter the workforce and make an immediate impact. It also helps in passing local accreditation for training programs to specific job roles.

3. Providing Necessary Documentation

One of the key steps in passing accreditation is providing the necessary documentation to the relevant bodies. This might include program materials, syllabi, trainer bios, and student evaluations, among other documents. Wawiwa assists our partners in compiling and submitting this documentation, ensuring that all technical and professional requirements are met.

Multi-National Acknowledgement and Accreditation

Wawiwa’s tech training programs have already passed accreditation in several countries (such as Australia and Romania), and are in process of accreditation in several more. This is a testament to the high quality of our programs and the expertise of our team in working with regulators and accrediting bodies.

Australia Qualification Framework

Wawiwa’s Cybersecurity Analyst Program was certified
according to the Australian Qualifications Framework

Wawiwa is a Member of IVETA

Wawiwa is a proud member of IVETA, an organization and network of vocational skills training organizations, vocational educators, business and industrial firms, and other groups involved in vocational education and training worldwide. IVETA is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of high-quality vocational education and training. 

If you're looking to provide high-quality tech education to your students and require accreditation, look no further.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you offer tech training programs in your country, and achieve accreditation to meet your business goals!