Wawiwa enables local partners globally to offer career-oriented tech training programs, designed to reskill and upskill individuals for high-demand tech roles.

Our proven and diverse tech training programs, all updated with AI modules, are adapted to reskill and upskill every ecosystem!, according to its specific industry and employment needs.

Putting AI in Tech TrAIning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the world and the tech industry. It is influencing every aspect of tech professions and giving rise to new roles that demand a blend of traditional and AI-driven skills. Recognizing this technological revolution, Wawiwa has integrated AI into all its tech training programs. This integration equips our students and graduates with AI-driven skills and tools applicable to their respective tech roles, from using Generative AI for creativity and learning, to using AI tools for insight development and manual work automation. Through our AI-centric approach, we foster a generation of tech professionals ready to harness the power of AI, drive innovation, enhance productivity, and shaping the tech landscape of tomorrow.