Offer Career-Oriented Tech Reskilling Programs at Your University!

Academic degrees will always have their place in the sun, but what the industry needs right now is simple: more job-ready tech professionals to close the tech skills shortage. As technology continues to advance rapidly, additional software developers, data scientists, and cybersecurity analysts are needed! 

At the same time, many of your students and alumni are anxious whether their academic degree will translate into a well-paid job that is in demand. Your university can help its students and alumni by offering career-oriented tech reskilling programs, right at your campus.

Wawiwa Partners with Universities to Bridge the Global Skills Gap

Wawiwa Tech Training is a global education provider headquartered in Israel, the Startup Nation. Wawiwa is utilizing a proven training methodology and advanced tech training programs that were developed in Israel, and brings this know-how to its partners around the world, to bridge the global skills gap and reskill entire ecosystems.

Our company helps universities around the world to offer career-oriented tech training programs to reskill their students and alumni, with or without prior experience, to tech jobs in high demand. Our training programs consist of 250-450 academic hours and take 3-9 months to complete.

Want to understand what we do? Just watch!

Our Focus is on Career-Oriented Tech Training

Wawiwa’s programs are designed with a single objective in mind: graduate employability. Happy graduates, who find jobs in their professions, improve the university’s reputation as a valuable source of talent in its ecosystem. 

Job Effective Training

Wawiwa’s Job-Effective Training (JET) Design methodology is tailored to effectively train individuals with no prior experience for tech jobs. Our students are learning not only the necessary technology knowledge, but also hard and soft skills that are crucial for success in their selected profession. Training focuses on hands-on practice, solo and in teamwork. The result: job-ready professionals that succeed in their chosen new jobs.


Wawiwa advances its primary goal of employability by offering workshops that help students create their resumes and portfolios and prepare them for job interviews. We establish a local Advisory Committee of local tech companies that influence the programs’ syllabi and also come to recruit on campus. We work with local human resources agencies to promote the placement of our graduates. That way, Wawiwa positions its university partners as quality sources for tech professionals in the local ecosystem, increasing graduates’ visibility to opportunities and actual placements.

Lifelong Learning

Wawiwa keeps its programs and curricula up-to-date with industry demand, so that the university can easily offer its alumni various upskilling modules to keep up with cutting-edge technologies and job skills that are constantly evolving. All graduates become lifelong members of the Wawiwa global business network, which offers valuable networking events, local job opportunities, and various perks. 

Case Study: SLTC University in Sri Lanka

One of Wawiwa’s successful partnerships is with SLTC, a university in Sri Lanka. Through its continuing education institute – Masters Corporate Education – Wawiwa has helped SLTC to offer much-needed programs for data science and data analytics to SLTC students and the Si Lankan ecosystem.

Imagine a Future of Partnership: Hired Graduates, Profitable Business, Stronger Ecosystem

We’d be happy to explore a partnership to offer Wawiwa Tech Training programs on your campus.

As a Wawiwa partner, you will be in charge of providing leadership, facilities, local marketing, as well as the required accreditation. We at Wawiwa will support you every step of the way with end-to-end know-how, onboarding, industry relations, program content, help with hiring and training of local instructors, and a continuous drive for profitable growth.

Wawiwa is committed to helping you offer career-oriented tech training programs at your campus in less than six months.

In no time, you can be setting your students and alumni for success in the tech sector and strengthening your local tech ecosystem.