Frequently Asked Questions

Wawiwa delivers its training in local training centers that it establishes with local partners. We’re not selling reskilling programs directly to individuals.

Successful partnerships for tech training are usually formed with leading universities and colleges; large enterprises, software integrators, and IT service providers; local schools and training centers for non-tech topics (such as language schools); and affluent businesswomen and businessmen, local entrepreneurs with a passion for education.

The speed in which our business partners can open new training centers depends on their existing resources. If you already have the physical infrastructure, it can take as little as 4 months from the moment we sign a partnership agreement.

Sure, please reach out through our contact form to schedule an introduction call and a demo.

We’re super thankful for any relevant introduction. If you’d like to get compensated for your effort, please reach out through our contact form to discuss matchmaker compensation and sign an applicable agreement.

Our management team has decades of experience in tech training and EdTech, and has established tech training centers in 7 different countries before. 

Our training methodology is unique in successfully preparing people with no technical background to occupy desired tech jobs in high demand. Our programs are focused on getting a job and doing it successfully, with the right combination of knowledge and skills. Our methodology combines the best of breed disciplines from the Israeli army and industry-leading training companies.

Our training includes personal mentorship for every student by industry professionals, to improve the learning, provide valuable feedback, and make sure students complete their studies and find a tech job.

MOOCs can be a great source of knowledge, they’re useful for broadening horizons, but they’re not for everyone, and no single MOOC prepares a person to excel in a job. Wawiwa offers hybrid tech training programs that are focused on skilling people to specific tech jobs. Wawiwa programs take every student personally, from start to finish, to make sure they study the profession that is right for them, learn it well, and get the job they’ve been looking for in the local tech ecosystem.

While our training programs are based on face-to-face sessions and mentoring as we believe it is the best way to maximize success, we are fully prepared for the current social distancing situation. As a result, our local business partners will be equipped for delivering the training also during these challenging times. Here’s how:

  • All of our programs are compatible with online delivery and digital/remote environments, if so required
  • Self-paced learning modules are available as part of the complete program, when pedagogically reasonable
  • We provide an LMS environment that can be immediately utilized to support local learning centers, functioning as a robust lesson repository 
  • Wawiwa’s “Train the Trainer 360” includes online readiness units for trainers
  • Our onboarding program for partners can be delivered online, if needed

After joining the wawiwa family, you will receive a full suite of tools and services that will enable you to establish a Wawiwa tech training center in the most cost-effective fashion. This will include:

  • JET Design® – a unique methodology that enables us to offer the best tech skills program for your market, thus improving employability and increasing the satisfaction levels of potential employers.
  • An established onboarding program that covers all business and marketing issues, from establishing a new center and staff hiring to running day-to-day operations. This also includes Wawiwa’s Train-the-Trainer program 
  • Unique and proven entry exam sets, which will be used by career consultants to maximize suitability and satisfaction rates, while reducing drop-out rates
  • A state-of-the-art learning management system with all required trainer and student materials 
  • A trainer kit and student kit for every course
  • Unique lectures provided by international experts as part of the program curriculum 
  • Ongoing support, review and monitoring

It really depends on you and your appetite for growth. We believe in true partnerships and mutual development. Together, we will decide how to best develop the tech training center in your market. We always start with one center. We work closely with our business partners to expand the career training program offering and open additional training centers in other locations in the country. It all depends on market demands and opportunities. 

In addition to the growing B2C market, partnering with Wawiwa will enable you to enter your country’s lucrative tech B2B and B2G training markets. However, we suggest that you begin by establishing your position in the B2C market with one center before expanding.

Please feel free to contact Leah Mansoor, our VP Business Development, at