Wawiwa's Pre-Program Assessment

Predict potential students' success in their desired tech training program and future tech job

Technology and artificial intelligence have made it possible to better predict whether a chosen tech career path is suitable for an individual. Wawiwa’s pre-program assessment offers students the ability to make a well-informed decision about their future tech career while enabling training centers to evaluate a candidate’s potential for success in a specific tech training program and future tech job.

The online assessment is powered by big data spanning 50 years of tech recruitment and career progress. Using this data and advanced algorithms, we offer a detailed examination of an applicant’s profile, empowering informed decision-making. 

Our goal is to ensure success for both our students and training centers. This assessment pinpoints where students’ capabilities and personality traits align (or does not align) with our various training programs and graduates’ future jobs.

Benefits for Candidates

Benefits for Training Centers


Assessment Topics

Assessment and Career Counseling: How Does It Work?