Digital Graphic Designer

230 Hours / 6 Months, Part Time Program

This part-time graphic design program features expert instruction, hands-on projects, AI-driven design methodologies, and a real connection to the industry to get graduates hired.

Graphic design is the skill of effective visual communication.

Graphic designers craft everything from websites and logos to social media posts and product marketing, using their creative skills to inform and captivate audiences. They use a variety of software tools to bring concepts to life. Whether it’s creating the branding for a new startup or designing compelling ads for a campaign, graphic designers are the visual storytellers that bring ideas to life.

The demand for skilled digital graphic designers is skyrocketing. Businesses, brands, and organizations continue to rely on visual content for effective communication, making graphic design a tech job that is always in high demand. 

Wawiwa’s Digital Graphic Designer program teaches the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to get hired and succeed as a graphic designer. It also integrates the use of Generative AI tools in the training process. This allows learners to apply AI-driven design methodologies, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to create graphics that push the boundaries of creativity faster.

Learn the Best Practices of Visual Communication and Graphic Design

Students learn the digital graphic design principles and techniques. Among other topics, they develop knowledge of color theory, typography, and layouts, as well as an understanding of user psychology and branding concepts.

Open Doors With Industry Connections

Succeed in a rapidly expanding field with help from our network of Graphic Design experts, instructors, hiring partners, and alumni. The Graphic Designer curriculum was created in collaboration with the industry’s leading companies to make our programs as relevant as possible to the local industry’s needs, assuring graduates will be job-ready as soon as the program ends.

Deliver a Professional Project and Develop Your Portfolio

Throughout the program, students gain practical skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Bring It Together (BIT) Projects require students to apply what they’ve learned in real-life graphic design projects. The designs that are created as part of homework and the BIT projects compose the student’s design portfolio that can be showcased to potential employers or clients.

Who is this Program for?

Driven and motivated individuals with or without design background, who wish to launch a highly sought-after career as a Digital Graphic Designer.

Top Notch Professionals

This unique program was built by a professional team made up of the leading experts in Graphic Design, with vast knowledge and experience in training too.

Eran Lasser

CEO of Wawiwa

Eran is a tech education entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Eran founded and managed four IT training companies: John Bryce Training (Israel), TRIG (China), JB-IQsoft (Hungary), KocBryce (Turkey). Eran also partnered to establish DAN.IT Education (Ukraine), Techub (Georgia), and more. In addition, Eran managed Mentergy, which provides e-learning and distance learning solutions. Over the years, he was responsible for the reskilling of more than 50,000 individuals now working as tech professionals.

Daniel Anderson

Chief Training Officer

Daniel is responsible for updating state-of-the-art topics in the company’s tech training programs, and for maintaining its training methodologies. Daniel was the Chief Trainer at the Israel Defense Force’s Tech Training Center and is a graduate of the IDF training process. He develops and delivers a wide range of programming courses, and is a Full-Stack Developer and Data Scientist.

Ynon Oren

Ynon Oren

Head of Graphic Designer Program

Ynon has extensive background and expertise in computer animation, graphics, UX, and game design.

A self-taught professional and a passionate educator, Ynon has been empowering creative minds at Holon Institute of Technology, Israeli Animation and Design College (IAC), Shenkar College, Avni Institute, and John Bryce – all leading training institutions in Israel, the Startup Nation.

Ynon is also the owner and manager of a graphic motion and web design business.

Program Curriculum

  • Overview of Graphic Design
    • Definition and history
    • Importance in various industries
    • Overview of the different software and tools in Digital Graphic Design
  • Gestalt Principles of Design 
    • What are the gestalt principles of design?
    • Understanding Why is gestalt theory important 
    • Examples
  • Intro module: Vector graphics and pixel graphics 
    • Illustrator Interface and Tools
  • Creating Basic Shapes and Objects 
    • Drawing and manipulating shapes
    • Pen tool proficiency
  • Typography Fundamentals
    • Anatomy and properties
    • Fonts and Typeface selection and pairing
  • Typography in Illustrator 
    • Text tools and formatting
    • Creating typographic designs
  • Color Theory
    • Color models and combinations
    • Psychological aspects of color
  • Logo and Icon Design Basics 
    • Principles of effective logo and icon design
    • Creating a simple logo
    • Creating a logo using the Golden Ratio
  • Mini Project on Illustrator fundamentals
  • Intro to photos, images and pixel graphics
    • Tools and panels
    • Selection and Mask Types
    • Layer management
  • Image Editing and Manipulation 
    • Vector Smart objects
    • Cropping, resizing, and retouching
  • Perspective, Composition and Hierarchy
    • Perspective types, principles and tools (Illustrator and Photoshop)
    • Composition types and design principles
    • Hierarchy principles
  • 3.4 Color Correction and Enhancement
    • Adjustment layers
    • Filters and effects
  • Mini Project on Photoshop fundamentals
  • Features an introduction to Adobe Firefly within Adobe Creative Cloud, exploration of MidJourney, ChatGTP & DALL-E 3 for design concept generation.
  • How AI changes graphic design
    • What is Generative AI and creating visuals using AI
    • Output examples of several AI tools – what’s possible
    • AI for Inspiration
    • AI for creation 
    • AI for enhancement and productivity
  • From Gen AI to Design on Adobe
    • Hands-on experience with AI tools relevant to the profession
    • Logo creation and vectoring in Illustrator
    • Photo creation and fixing on Photoshop
  • Mini Project on AI Tools
  • Introduction to InDesign Interface
    • Tools and panels
  • Layout and Composition
    • Grid systems
    • Page organization
  • Global Design
    • Parent pages
    • Styles: paragraph, character, object and tables 
  • Managing multi page products 
    • Dynamic Table of content
    • Page numbering
    • Consolidating documents to single book 
  • Convert to Print and PDF Processes
    • Understanding file formats
    • Preparing files for print
  • Mini Project on InDesign fundamentals
  • Career orientation
    • Market career opportunities
    • Interview Preparation
    • Creating a CV 
  • Job offers
    • Written CV (PowerPoint / Canva) + Behance CV, LinkedIn Profile
    • Interview Preparation
    • Personal Portfolio Development
    • Introduction to developing a personal portfolio
    • Tips for effectively presenting designs and projects
  • Students will create a complete branding package for a hypothetical or real company. This includes designing a logo, business cards, stationery, website images, social media images, and other relevant branding materials.
  • This final project not only allows students to demonstrate their comprehensive skills but also provides them with a substantial portfolio piece that showcases their ability to handle a real-world graphic design project from start to finish.


What Do Students Have to Say?

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