Product Manager

50 Hours / 1-2 Months, Part Time Program

This part-time Product Management program features expert instruction, hands-on projects, and a real connection to the industry to get graduates hired.

Product management is one of the key processes in any technology organization. Product Managers create new technology products and services from scratch, direct the evolution of their products throughout their lifecycle, and set the roadmap for future development. Product Managers are always in high demand in the tech sector.

Teach Students to Manage a Product

From conception, to development and feature expansion, a product manager is an expert in a product’s entire lifecycle, and is the CEO of the product in a tech company. Students will learn everything that is needed to take the steering wheel for a technology product and drive it to success, including understanding the market, setting the product requirements, and handling product launches and product support.

Open Doors With Industry Connections

Equip students to succeed in a rapidly expanding field with help from our network of Product Management experts, instructors, hiring partners, and alumni. The Product Management curriculum was created in collaboration with the industry’s leading companies to make our programs as relevant as possible to the local industry’s needs, assuring graduates are job-ready as soon as the program ends.

Guide Students to Deliver a Professional Project

Throughout the program, practical skills are acquired through the completion of projects that involve real product management work. Students will gain hands-on experience with market and sales analysis, creating informed business and product strategy, and effectively marketing and selling a product.  

Who Is the Program For?

Driven and motivated individuals, with or without previous tech background, who wish to launch a highly sought-after career as a Product Manager. Fundamental business knowledge and analytical thinking are recommended.

Top Notch Professionals

This unique program was built by a professional team made up of the leading experts in Product Management, with vast knowledge and experience in training too.

Eran Lasser

CEO of Wawiwa

Eran is a tech education entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Eran founded and managed four IT training companies: John Bryce Training (Israel), TRIG (China), JB-IQsoft (Hungary), KocBryce (Turkey). Eran also partnered to establish DAN.IT Education (Ukraine), Techub (Georgia), and more. In addition, Eran managed Mentergy, which provides e-learning and distance learning solutions. Over the years, he was responsible for the reskilling of more than 50,000 individuals now working as tech professionals.

Daniel Anderson

Chief Training Officer

Daniel is responsible for updating state-of-the-art topics in the company’s tech training programs, and for maintaining its training methodologies. Daniel was the Chief Trainer at the Israel Defense Force’s Tech Training Center and is a graduate of the IDF training process. He develops and delivers a wide range of programming courses, and is a Full-Stack Developer and Data Scientist.

Galit Galperin

Head of Product Management Program

Galit is an Executive Product Consultant and excels in advising teams on AI integration, significantly enhancing organizational workflows.

Apart from her professional accomplishments, Galit is also an academic contributor. She teaches product management and AI courses at prestigious institutions, specifically in Master degree programs focused on Human-Computer Interaction.

Program Curriculum

  • Welcome – Introduction to the Program
    • Course objectives, expectations, and overview.
  • Background Market Characteristics
    • Analyzing market dynamics and identifying factors influencing product success and failure.
  • Product Management Domain
    • Defining the scope and impact of product management in different sectors.


Learning outcomes:

  • Grasp the overarching role and impact of product management in business.
  • Understand key market dynamics and how they influence the success and failure of products.
  • Gain insights into the evolution and scope of the product management domain across various industries.
  • Product Manager – Role Definition
    • Understanding the responsibilities, skills, and typical day-to-day activities of a product manager.
  • Product Management Methodology
    • Exploring various product management frameworks and methodologies.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the core responsibilities and skills required for an effective product manager.
  • Comprehend various product management methodologies and identify appropriate frameworks for different project needs.
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Techniques and tools for analyzing competitors and market position.
  • Business Planning Part 1
    • The role of product management in business planning and modeling.
  • Product Process
    • Understanding the product life cycle from ideation to market launch.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Master techniques for conducting comprehensive competitive analyses.
  • Learn the fundamentals of strategic business planning from a product management perspective.
  • Understand the various stages of the product process and their significance in the product lifecycle.
  • Managing and Writing Requirements
    • Creating product requirement documents (PRDs) and managing changing requirements.
  • Working With KPIs
    • Identifying and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for product success.
  • Lean Startup Approach
    • Implementing lean methodologies for product development and iteration.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire skills in managing and writing effective product requirements documents (PRDs).
  • Identify, establish, and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to product management.
  • Apply the lean startup methodology for product development, focusing on rapid prototyping, feedback loops, and iterative design.
  • Summary Product Management
    • Recapitulation of the course content and key takeaways.
  • Final Project
    • Participants will undertake a capstone project that synthesizes their learning.
  • Final Project Submission
    • Final review and submission of the project deliverables.

What Do Students Have to Say?

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Leon Malalel
Leon Malalel, RIP

In Loving Memory of Leon Malalel

Wawiwa’s Product Manager Program owes its foundation and initial success to our esteemed first Head of the Program, Leon Malalel. Over three decades, Leon fostered a wealth of knowledge in product management in the technology sector. He inspired his students and colleagues with his pragmatic optimism and belief in holistic, customer-centered product management. As we continue Leon’s work and update our Product Management program, we honor his legacy and remember his dedication to his students, whose lives he touched profoundly. His teachings and methodologies continue to guide our program, our students, and our graduates.

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