Our Team

Eran is a Tech Education entrepreneur, with more than 20 years of
experience. Eran was the founder and managed John Bryce training
– the leading IT training firm in Israel, TRIG – An IT training
company in China, launched as a subsidiary of John Bryce, and was
acquired by PTL China, JB-IQsoft training center – an IT training
company in Hungary, KocBryce – An IT training company in Turkey,
a partnership of John Bryce and KOC group. He partnered to
establish DAN IT Education – An IT training company in Ukraine,
Techub – in Georgia and more.
Through the years Eran is responsible for re-training and
certification of more than 50,000 individuals now working as high-Tech
Eran was managing Mentergy which provide Elearning and distance
learning solutions.
Eran is a speaker in conferences on topics related to “High-Tech Skills
Shortage”, “innovation and technical training” and more.
He was responsible for the training of the computer professionals in
the Israeli Defense Forces (MAMRAM). Eran was a member of the
Microsoft Training Partners Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Highway to High-Tech