Adult Reskilling to Tech in the Era of AI and ChatGPT

Oded Israeli, CMO at Wawiwa Tech, gave a lecture at the 2023 annual conference of AAACE – the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. AAACE’s mission is to provide leadership in adult and continuing education, offering possibilities for adult growth and development.

Oded discussed the benefits of reskilling and upskilling in the era of AI and ChatGPT to stay competitive and guarantee job security. 

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Oded explored the advancements in artificial intelligence, highlighting the potential of generative AI that enables computers to produce new content like texts, artworks, music, and videos based on user prompts. A notable example was ChatGPT, an OpenAI-developed language model, which gained 100M active users in two months, standing out amidst Google, Facebook, and even electricity.

Drawing from current trends and projections, a significant number of jobs might be replaced by robots and AI but there is a silver lining. Instead of viewing this as a challenge and resisting this technological wave, we have to adapt to it. By reskilling and blending AI tools into everyday professional practices, individuals can use AI to enhance their productivity, making tasks more efficient and precise. 

For students, AI can act as an assistant, helping understand complex topics, helping in homework, and even providing practice towards tests. On the other side of the classroom, educators can utilize AI as a robust resource to prepare presentations, enhance student understanding, and even generate homework, making the course more interesting while saving a lot of time. Yet, with these advantages, there is a clear emphasis on the need for responsible and ethical AI deployment. 

It’s undeniable that many roles, especially desk jobs, will undergo significant automation and transformation due to generative AI. However, this shift isn’t just about job displacement; it can make people more productive, creative, enhance problem-solving capabilities, and emerge new professions. Embracing AI doesn’t just make us more efficient; it increases our potential. With such evident advantages, the question isn’t whether we should adopt AI, but rather, why wouldn’t we? The collaboration between humans and AI is the way forward in this rapidly evolving era, and people who don’t use AI will be replaced by people who do, way before the robots might replace us all.

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