Data Scientist Program


340 Hours / 8 Months, Part-Time Evening Course 


Data Scientists are in high demand. Studies suggest a huge shortage in Data Scientists and a constant increase in demand.

This program is an entry point to the world of Data Science for beginners and career changers with math skills and some background in programming.

Students would develop knowledge of data science frameworks (e.g. data collection and analysis, machine learning, deep learning), programming (Phyton), and cloud tools. The program would establish students’ skills in understanding data, modeling, and presentation, through data science exercises, labs, and a final project.

  • Python programming
  • Data Analysis
    • Libraries overview
    • Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib
    • Data understanding 
    • Data preparation
    • Pandas and seaborn
  • Machine Learning
    • Modeling
    • Supervised Learning 
    • Unsupervised Learning
    • Validation
    • Tuning 
    • Tools
    • Scikit-Learn 
    • Tensorflow
  • Cloud Tools
    • SQL 
    • Hadoop and spark
    • Cloud notebooks 
    • Tools
    • Deployment
    • Deploying web apps and services
  • Deep Learning and Advanced Topics 
    • Neural Networks 
    • Solving complex problems
    • CNN, RNN
    • Autoencoders
    • Deployment
    • NLP
    • Time Series 
    • Semi Supervised
    • Reinforcement learning
  • Final Project

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