Online Marketing Specialist Program


250 Hours / 6 Months, Part-Time Evening Program


Digital Marketing is a core activity to any company these days. The Digital/Online Marketing Specialist Program would teach you the foundations, tools, and skills needed to craft a marketing plan and budget for online channels and social networks, as well as to run the execution of the digital marketing function in an organization. 

In this program, we’ll cover the importance of relevant content to a company’s customers, various ways for customers to learn about the company – including paid advertising and search – and how to generate leads online and convert them to deals through nurturing and funnel optimization.

  • Pre course topics
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Content marketing strategy, customer profiles and targeting
  • Content creation: post, blogs, ads, videos, landing pages, websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO, Google Search Console)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok)
  • Paid advertising (Search, Social, Display; PPC, SEM)
  • Email marketing & nurturing
  • Funnel management, measurement, and analytics
  • Marketing automation & MarTech tools
  • Planning and budget control
  • Working with others: product, graphic design, physical marketing, HR, finance
  • Final project
  • Job Preparation workshop

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