Generative AI for Marketing Professionals:
Upskilling Hands-On Workshop

Online Live - 15 Academic Hours

Elevate your marketing strategies with Generative AI expertise.

Why Enroll in this Workshop?

Learning how to use Generative AI is a crucial stepping stone for any marketing professional these days. Over the last year, Generative AI’s capabilities have soared, redefining marketing norms, making the impossible – plausible, and the difficult – easy. This upskilling hands-on workshop will empower you with AI-enhanced creativity and effectiveness, transforming you into a versatile marketer capable of producing top-tier marketing strategies, content, and designs, easily and in-house. Embrace the power of AI to innovate, cut costs, and reduce dependency on external marketing vendors.

As a marketer, you need to keep pace with AI advancements to future-proof your career in an era when being AI-savvy is no longer an advantage, but absolutely essential. This workshop will give you both an understanding of Generative AI and hands-on practice in using it in your marketing job.

By enrolling in this workshop, you're taking a proactive step towards mastering the latest in Generative AI, equipping yourself with cutting-edge skills that will elevate your marketing capabilities.

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Marketing Professionals: People in marketing roles such as CMO, VP Marketing, Director of Marketing, Digital Marketing Managers, Content Strategists, Content Writers, Social Media Managers, and Brand Managers.
  • Tech-Savvy Marketers: Individuals with a keen interest in integrating technology with their marketing practice.
  • Career Growth Seekers: Anyone looking to expand their skill set or switch to a different AI-powered marketing role in the ever-evolving field of marketing.
  • Marketing Teams: Teams wishing to up their marketing game together through AI upskilling.

Learning Goals and Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand Generative AI: Grasp the fundamentals of Generative AI and its applications in marketing. Understand the business and legal considerations, pros and cons of using Generative AI in marketing.
  • Practice Prompt Engineering: Develop skills in crafting effective AI prompts for marketing planning, content creation, graphic design, video, SEO, and more.
  • Use AI Tools for Marketing: Learn about the leading Generative AI tools and learn how to integrate them in your marketing work for creativity, planning, and execution.
  • Prepare for Lifelong Learning alongside AI: Get ready to familiarize yourself with additional AI tools that pop up every day and create a personal/professional strategy for lifelong learning to stay ahead of machines as human marketing talent.

What You'll Get...

Professional Supervisor

This unique workshop was built by a professional team made up of the leading experts in Digital Marketing and AI, with vast knowledge and experience in training too. Supervising the plan is Wawiwa's Head of AI programs, Mr. Oded Israeli.
Oded Israeli

Oded Israeli

Head of AI Programs

Oded is an AI evangelist since the onset of the AI revolution in 2022.

He boasts over two decades of expertise in marketing, strategy, and product management across both large enterprises and successful startups. Oded also advised Fortune 500 companies as a Strategy Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, and founded several companies as an entrepreneur.

Oded holds LL.B. and LL.M. degrees (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from INSEAD Business School.

Workshop Syllabus & Agenda

Session 1: Introduction and Transformation of Marketing by Generative AI (3 hours)

  • Intro to Generative AI (1 hour):
    • What is AI and Generative AI?
    • Evolution and current state of AI technologies.
  • How Generative AI is Transforming Marketing (2 hours):
    • Marketing tasks made easy or different as a result of AI.
    • The transition of traditional marketing roles to AI-driven models.

Session 2: Large Language Models and AI-Driven Marketing Strategy (3 hours)

  • ChatGPT and Large Language Models (1 hour):
    • Deep dive into ChatGPT and other large language models
    • Understanding their role and capabilities in marketing
    • Introduction to Prompt Engineering and talking with machines
  • Marketing Planning and Strategy with Generative AI (2 hours):
    • Integrating AI into marketing planning and strategy development
    • Analyzing market trends, competitors, and buyer persona using AI tools
    • Creating marketing and projects plans using AI tools

Session 3: Creating Textual Content with Generative AI (3 hours)

  • Techniques for using AI to generate textual content (2 hours)
    • AI-generated content for websites and blogs
    • SEO research and optimization with AI
    • AI-generated content for social media
    • AI-generated marketing collateral
    • Maintaining brand voice and consistency
  • Localization, Translation and Text-to-Speech Audio with AI (1 hour)

Session 4: Creating Visual Content with Generative AI (3 hours)

  • Utilizing AI tools like Midjourney and Dall-E for image creation (2 hours)
    • Gen AI as a source for creativity
    • Logos, illustrations, and icons
    • Photographs and AI models
    • Brand and consistency in AI visuals
  • A glimpse into AI-generated video (1 hour)
    • Using AI Avatars for marketing videos
    • Introduction to AI Video tools and a taste of current capabilities

Session 5: Advanced Topics and Lifelong Learning alongside AI (3 hours)

  • Leveraging AI for marketing analytics (1 hour)
  • Marketing processes and Automation with AI (1 hour)
  • Lifelong Learning alongside AI (1 hour):
    • Strategies for continuous learning and adapting to new AI technologies.
    • Fostering a mindset of innovation and lifelong learning in the AI era.

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