Generative AI for Product Managers:
Upskilling Hands-On Workshop

Online Live - 15 Academic Hours

Boost Your Product Game With Generative AI.

Why Enroll in this Workshop?

In an era where Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming product management, upskilling with Generative AI capabilities is a critical pathway for product professionals to adapt and excel. This workshop is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to harness the potential of Generative AI for conceptualizing, planning, developing, and launching digital products. It’s not merely about keeping up with technology; it’s about joining the AI revolution, ensuring your products, strategies and methodologies resonate with the latest advancements.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to transition from traditional product management practices to AI-driven methodologies. By embracing Generative AI in your work, you’re future-proofing your career and positioning yourself and your company at the forefront of an AI-infused product management landscape.

By enrolling in this workshop, you're taking a crucial step towards enhancing your product management skills, embracing the latest in AI technology to innovate, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead!

Who should attend?

This workshop is tailored for professionals who are directly involved in the management and development of digital products and are seeking to integrate AI into their workflows and product strategies.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Product Management Professionals: People holding roles such as Chief Product Officer, VP Product Management, Director of Product Management, Product Managers, and Product Owners. 
  • Tech-Savvy Innovators in Product Management: Individuals interested in leveraging technology for product innovation, including those who are already exploring AI tools or are eager to understand how Generative AI can enhance their product management processes.
  • Career Advancers and Transitioners: Suitable for anyone aiming to upskill or transition into roles that require proficiency in AI-driven product management. 
  • Product Teams: Product Management teams within organizations looking to collectively upskill in AI to enhance their workflows and products, fostering a forward-thinking approach to product management.

Learning Goals and Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand Generative AI: Grasp the fundamentals of Generative AI and its applications in product management.
  • Practice Prompt Engineering: Develop skills in crafting effective AI prompts for product research and planning, user stories, wireframes, microcopy, and more.
  • Use AI Tools for Product Management: Learn about the leading Generative AI tools and learn how to integrate them in product management work for creativity, benchmarking, planning, and execution throughout the product life cycle.
  • Consider Integrating Generative AI into Their Products: Strategize and evaluate the incorporation of Generative AI technologies into digital products for enhanced capabilities and market relevance.
  • Prepare for Lifelong Learning alongside AI: Get ready to familiarize themselves with additional AI tools that pop up every day and create a personal/professional strategy for lifelong learning to stay ahead of machines as human product talent.

What You'll Get...

Professional Supervisor

This unique workshop was built by a professional team made up of the leading experts in Product Management and AI, with vast knowledge and experience in training too. Supervising the plan is Wawiwa's Head of AI programs, Mr. Oded Israeli.
Oded Israeli

Oded Israeli

Head of AI Programs

Oded is an AI evangelist since the onset of the AI revolution in 2022.

He boasts over two decades of expertise in marketing, strategy, and product management across both large enterprises and successful startups. Oded also advised Fortune 500 companies as a Strategy Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, and founded several companies as an entrepreneur.

Oded holds LL.B. and LL.M. degrees (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from INSEAD Business School.

Workshop Syllabus & Agenda

Session 1: Introduction to Generative AI in Product Management

  • Intro to Generative AI:
    • What is AI and Generative AI?
    • Evolution and current state of AI technologies
  • How Generative AI is Transforming Product Management:
    • The Product Manager’s role and the various tasks that can be performed with Generative AI

Session 2: Product Planning and Strategy with Generative AI

  • ChatGPT and other Large Language Models:
    • Deep dive into ChatGPT and other large language models
    • Introduction to Prompt Engineering and talking with machines
  • Product Planning and Strategy with Generative AI:
    • Market analysis and research
    • Competitor research and competitive insights
    • Product strategy with AI – capabilities and limitations

Session 3: Customer-Centric Product Management with Generative AI

  • Understanding Customer Needs with AI:
    • Crafting user personas with Generative AI
    • Analyzing customer feedback to decide product priorities
    • Using Generative AI to turn customer needs into product user stories
  • Creating Product Documentation:
    • Leveraging AI to envision adoption, issues, and troubleshooting, and to create comprehensive product documentation

Session 4: Prototyping and UX/UI with Generative AI

  • AI-Generated Microcopy:
    • Utilizing AI for creating effective microcopy and user interface text elements
  • Innovative Prototyping and User Interface Design with AI Tools:
    • Practical workshop on integrating AI into the UX/UI design process
    • Exploring tools like Midjourney and Canva for AI-assisted prototyping and design
    • Generating design inspiration and concepts using Generative AI

Session 5: AI-Driven Product Launch and Roadmapping

  • Planning an AI-Driven Product Launch:
    • Strategies for using Generative AI in product marketing and launch plans
    • Crafting AI-assisted marketing collateral and launch content
  • Feature Ideation and Roadmap Prioritization:
    • Employing AI for feature ideation and prioritization in product roadmaps
    • Creating Roadmaps and presentations for management approval
  • Integrating Generative AI into Your Products:
    • Considering whether and how to incorporate Generative AI into your products
    • Introduction to Generative AI APIs and No Code platforms

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