Power BI: Data Visualization and Analysis Course

Upskilling Course, 30 Academic Hours

Unleash the Power of Data with Microsoft’s Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a leading application and key tool in cutting through the noise when it comes to data analysis and data visualization. Using Power BI effectively, you can extract insights and create interactive visual reports and dashboards.

Due to its impressive capabilities and popularity, mastery of Power BI is one of the most in-demand skills required of data analysts.

In our comprehensive course, you will learn about the array of tools available in the application, along with practical guides and best practices for data analysts. This includes connecting to data sources, creating charts and graphs, building custom calculations, and presenting impactful dashboards. The course also provides hands-on experience with real-world data sets, enabling students to apply and practice the essential skills required to succeed in data analysis.

Who should attend?


  • Previous experience working with data, high mathematical ability, accuracy, and attention to detail
  • Microsoft Windows and Power BI installed and licensed on your laptop

Learning Goals

This course will provide you with the necessary information and guidance to understand and use Microsoft’s Power BI, including how to connect data sources, create powerful visualizations, build interactive dashboards, and optimize analysis performance.

What You'll Get...

Professional Supervisor

This unique program was built by a professional team made up of the leading experts in Data Science and Analytics, with vast knowledge and experience in training too. Supervising the plan is Wawiwa's Head of Data Analysis programs, Mrs. Talia Morchi.
Talia Morchi

Talia Morchi

Head of Data Analysis Programs

Talia has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, having held the roles of Product Manager, Project Manager, and Data Solutions Manager, where she specialized in data analysis in addition to her other responsibilities. She is a lecturer at G-Stat and both an academic director and lecturer at New Media College in Israel. where she manages, teaches, and develops training materials for the Data Analyst courses. Talia is an expert in various development tools, including SQL, Python, Excel, and uniPaaS.

What Do Graduates Have to Say?

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Introduction to Power Query
  • Preliminary data handling
  • Modeling and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)
  • Data visualization
  • Basic and advanced chart types
  • Combo chart
  • Dual axis  
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Hierarchy  
  • Total and subtotals
  • Calculated fields
  • Custom aggregations
  • Logic statements
  • Dashboards
  • Exporting a dashboard

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