Galit Galperin

Galit is an Executive Product Consultant and excels in advising teams on AI integration, significantly enhancing organizational workflows.

In her previous roles, Galit led global product and UX teams, innovating across various tech stacks in B2B and B2C products. She also served as a CPO in the fields of voice technology and natural language processing. Galit is a leader and educator in the field of product management, renowned for her expertise in incorporating AI into business and education.

Apart from her professional accomplishments, Galit is also an academic contributor. She teaches product management and AI courses at prestigious institutions, specifically in Master degree programs focused on Human-Computer Interaction.

Additionally, she hosts the ‘Singulariot’ podcast, where she shares insights on the impact of AI.

Galit holds a BA in Communication & Management and an MBA from the College of Management Academic Studies.

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