Shahar Best

Shahar Best

Shahar is an Engineer and a Full-Stack Developer with a comperhensive training in technology, from high school onwards.

Shahar graduated from MAMRAM, IDF’s elite unit for IT training, and later served as a Software Developer in the Israeli Air Force for 3 years, where he developed Real-Time systesm in Java.

After working as a Full-Stack Developer in startups, Shahar turned to instruction of Full-Stack Development courses at the External Studies Institute.

Shahar is experienced with various coding languages: JavaScript, Java, C and Bash. In addition, he’s experienced with a multitude of technologies, such as React, Node, MongoDB, Relational Data Bases and the Linux OS. He also operates a YouTube channel on web development, where he shares tips and tricks for better coding.

Shahar holds a B.Sc. in Energy Engineering from Kinneret Academic College in Israel.