Yonit Trabelsi-Itzhaki

Yonit Trabelsi-Itzhaki

Yonit Trabelsi-Itzhaki is a practical engineer in Computer Sciences, working in the technology industry since 1998.
Yonit is an expert in analyzing and characterizing software systems, managing and leading matrix testing projects, and testing teams.

Yonit started her career as a Junior Software Programmer. She served as a member and trainer in a testing team and within a year was promoted to QA Director of Testing Support and Training. Yonit has also worked in various companies as a System Analyst, Product Manager, Project Manager, and QA Manager of testing teams.

After gaining a decade of experience in various roles, Yonit has founded her own company, Q-ACT, that provides consulting services for software companies regarding Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Testing.

Over the years, Yonit advanced to offer training in her areas of expertise. She became the Director of Testing at John Bryce College and a Senior Lecturer at John Bryce College and Ariel University. Yonit lectures on Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Automation Testing, and other areas such as project management, databases, software development, accessibility, and user experience. She also helps students develop required soft skills, such as time and task management, team communications, process improvement, and more.

Yonit is a board member of ISTQB and TestIL (Israel’s Testing Board).