JET Design™ - Wawiwa's Methodology

Our Job Effective Training design methodology ensures successful reskilling.


Wawiwa uses a proven, structured method for designing Job-Effective Training Programs that focus on skill integration required for specific positions. Our training is divided into modular units that help students acquire concepts, gain knowledge, and develop skills that will enable them to become essential employees from day one. 

The JET Design® Methodology

Our Job-Effective Training (JET) Design has six main aspects:

Job Skill Analysis​

Setting Training Goals​

Curriculum Design​

Training Material Development​

Instruction Staff Assembly​

Execution and Evaluation​

Career Path Consultancy

In order to maximize the success of our trainees in the training program itself and in the high-tech workforce, our methodology includes a must-take pre-course exam and an education consultancy service. The exam, which is specifically designed for Wawiwa’s programs, helps us advise our candidates on an optimal program and career path choices. Exam results are compared with various program requirements and statistics, which help us select the appropriate programs for each candidate. Our counselors then direct each applicant to the most suitable program, which serves as a gateway to a professional career in the high-tech industry.

Why Us?

After being actively involved in training over 50,000 high-tech professionals over the past two decades in various countries, our team has developed and refined a unique methodology called JET design®. Our rich experience and proven results pave the way for future success. 

To ensure the relevance of our training programs, we form close collaborations with high-tech industry leaders and prominent employers. Our goal is to continuously increase both employer and trainee program satisfaction. This satisfaction manifests itself in a more than 70% course completion rate and a more than 70% graduate placement rate. 


Wawiwa works with numerous business partners, tailoring an appropriate program for each partner, and complementing their specific market offering and unique assets.