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Adam Milo

Adam Milo is an international HR services provider group. The group aspires to provide its customers and candidates with top-quality services specifically tailored to their needs.

Adam Milo provides services in a broad range of languages including English, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, and more. The group applies its flexible technological platforms to tailor its professional assessment and recruiting services to specific customer requirements.

Adam Milo’s rich assessment portfolio incorporates advanced, validated tests that are constantly updated and developed by the group’s robust research and development department.

Client Selection

Juno Journey

Juno Journey is a professional development platform that aims to facilitate individual employee growth for the greater good of the company. The platform increases employee engagement and loyalty – and ultimately stimulates company development. Juno Journey is considered one of the most advanced learning platforms in the high-tech sector.

Client Selection

Blossom KC

Blossom is a successful international software company. Its customers include impressive commercial, education and government enterprises such as FedEx, IKEA, and Stratasys. The firm has developed an innovative suite of modular applications that are changing the way organizations develop and manage their business. With impressive installations in Brazil, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, the Blossom platform enables organizations to create an organization management portal and to manage other organization applications such as Knowledge, HR, training, learning, user management, projects, work plans, etc.

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