Amplify Brands Online: The Job Role of Digital Marketing Specialists

Brands and companies are quickly expanding their online presence and digital marketing efforts. Who’s in charge of making it happen? Digital Marketing Specialists, harnessing both creativity and data! 

The need for Digital Marketing Specialists has grown tremendously in the past few years. Connie Chen, a Linkedin Senior Insights Analyst, explains that due to the effects of the pandemic, the demand for marketing jobs has increased heavily. According to Chen, “Digital Marketing gives organizations the ability to accurately target audiences, measure impact, and get in front of consumers during a time where the average adult is online more than ever.” 

Online Marketing Magic

Specialists in Digital Marketing, interchangeably referred to as Online Marketing, have a wide array of responsibilities that center on managing a company’s online presence. 

To begin, they are typically the managers of a company’s website. Working with UI/UX Designers and Frontend Developers, Digital Marketing Specialists setup and maintain websites and landing pages, adapting messaging and visuals to the target audiences. They make sure the web experience successfully represents the company and promotes its products and services. 

Social media is also a crucial array of channels used by Digital Marketing Specialists to expand a company’s online reach. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok help companies grow their audiences and generate leads. These platforms allow companies to develop communities of prospects, customers, and partners around the company’s endeavors, and target specific audiences based on their profiles and attributes.

Digital Marketing can be done using the company’s own resources, posting content for free across the company’s digital assets and other relevant groups. Another popular form of Digital Marketing is through sponsored campaigns, where content is promoted through paid campaigns and ads–sometimes referred to as PPC (Pay Per Click) or performance marketing–in search engines such as Google Search, display networks, and in the social media companies’ ads platforms. 

Paid marketing requires knowledge about targeting relevant audiences, creating micro-copy texts that call viewers to action, and generating visuals for ads. Moreover, it requires skills in planning and allocating budgets across channels, monitoring and analyzing the performance data of the paid campaigns, and adapting the campaigns according to the data and the Digital Marketing Specialist’s insights.

Another important concept Digital Marketing Specialists are proficient in is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All companies want to be easily found when their potential customers search for related topics, products, and services. If search engines feature the brand in the top results without paid campaigns, this is a huge win for the company, as it drives cheap, organic traffic to the website. 

In order to optimize the company’s presence and rank in search results, Digital Marketing Specialists need to have an understanding of how websites are indexed by search engines and what content, keywords, and HTML code improves SEO results. Digital Marketing Specialists outline an SEO strategy and execute it, modifying the website to include valuable content, relevant keywords, effective meta descriptions, and fast-loading and user-friendly pages. 

To populate the website, the social channels, and the paid campaigns, Digital Marketing Specialists need lots of content. They manage their companies’ content creation and production, and work with writers and graphic designers on blogs, videos, images, posts, newsletters, ads, and other forms of content that engage audiences with the company’s brand. Together, this content amplifies brands and generates new business in the form of leads.  

Uri Nissani, Co-Head of Wawiwa’s Digital Marketing Program, has years of experience in Online Marketing and outlines the characteristics of successful Digital Marketers, stating, “Digital Marketing Specialists are creative, embrace trial and error, and love data. They’re excited to use their creative genius to come up with new ideas and ways to get attention.They execute their ideas through content creation and experimenting with different channels and form factors, and have trust in the data–performance figures and analytics–to see what works and what doesn’t, and to make smart and effective decisions to optimize.”  

Wawiwa’s Digital Marketing Specialist Program

It doesn’t take a college degree to become a Digital Marketing Specialist. Tech reskilling and upskilling programs provide a way for people to be job-ready, Digital Marketers in a matter of months! One of the top tech training providers is Wawiwa Tech Training, an Israeli education provider that works with local partners across the world to reskill and upskill people to tech jobs in high demand.

Wawiwa’s Digital Marketing Specialist program is a 250-hour, part-time program that takes 6 months to complete. Wawiwa tailors the program to be relevant to industry needs and the changing digital marketing landscape. Or Segalovich, Wawiwa’s other Co-Head of the Digital Marketing Program explains, “through hands-on exercises, projects, and a curriculum tailored towards current Digital Marketing trends, we enable our students to understand the array of tools available to them, craft effective online marketing plans, and execute them on their own and in collaboration with other professionals in the company and beyond. We not only teach the topics, but give people a profession, and the ability to hit the ground running on their very first day on the job!”

If you have a passion for creating content, analyzing data, and generating business results, now is an optimized time for you to become a Digital Marketing Specialist!

Partner with Wawiwa to offer tech training programs in less than 6 months!

Wawiwa bridges the tech skills gap by reskilling people for tech professions in high demand. There are millions of tech vacancies and not enough tech professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills to fill them. What the industry needs of employees is not taught in long academic degrees. Wawiwa helps partners around the world to reskill, and upskill people for tech jobs through local tech training centers or programs. The company utilizes a proven training methodology, cutting-edge content, digital platforms for learning and assessment, and strong industry relations, to deliver training programs that result in higher employability and graduate satisfaction. This, in turn, also creates a strong training brand and a sustainable business for Wawiwa’s partners.
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