Investing in Education: Top 10 Education Franchises for Entrepreneurs

Stepping into the Arena: An Insightful Examination of Leading Education Franchises

The rapidly evolving education sector has opened up a treasure trove of franchise opportunities, allowing investors and entrepreneurs to make a substantial difference while reaping lucrative returns. In this blog, we explore ten education franchises that are leaving a mark in the industry and what to consider before partnering with an education franchise. 

Unveiling the Diverse Landscape of Education Franchises

Here are some of the top education franchises to invest in:

1. Mathnasium Learning Center: Successfully revolutionizing the world of mathematics with over 1,000 centers globally.
  • Mathnasium’s success is largely due to the unique Mathnasium Method™, which empowers students to master math concepts.
  • Their approach to contributing to community enhancement by bolstering students’ mathematical confidence and performance also plays a significant role in their success.
  • They offer comprehensive training and unwavering support, which results in consistent quality across franchisees.
2. Tutor Doctor: Achieving global reach with personalized, home-based tutoring and a network of over 28,000 tutors worldwide.
  • Tutor Doctor’s flexible work-from-home model has proven successful as it meets the demands of modern learners and educators.
  • Their success is further bolstered by their ability to develop tailor-made tutoring programs, accommodating the unique learning styles and needs of students.
3. Wawiwa Tech: Israeli Tech Education franchiser reshaping global workforce development.
  • Wawiwa Tech owes its success to its industry-centric tech training programs that reskill participants for high-demand tech jobs.
  • Their decades of experience in tech job reskilling provides unmatched insights and credibility, adding to their success.
  • The blended learning approach, balancing live and online sessions, meets contemporary educational needs and has contributed to their growth.
4. British Swim School: Leaders in “Learn to Swim” programs, offering a unique model that negates the need for pool ownership.
  • British Swim School’s innovative approach to conducting classes by renting existing pools, eliminates the need for costly construction or maintenance.
  • Their business model, which includes home-based operations with hired swim instructors, is both scalable and efficient.
5. Soccer Stars: Promoting fun, educational soccer skills training in over 100 locations in the US and Canada.
  • Soccer Stars’ success can be attributed to their broad offering of programs for kids of all ages and skill levels, meeting a wide range of market needs.
  • Their strategic partnerships with professional athletes inspire students and elevate their brand, contributing to their popularity.
6. Helen Doron English: A Pioneer in English education for children with over 1,100 locations worldwide.
  • Helen Doron English’s wide array of courses for all ages and levels enables it to cater to a diverse market.
  • Leveraging over 35 years of Helen Doron’s expertise in English teaching program development offers credibility and a proven methodology, key to their global recognition.
7. Kumon: A Globally recognized after-school enrichment program specializing in math and reading.
  • Kumon’s individualized learning program allows students to master skills at their own pace, an approach that resonates with many parents and educators.
  • Their model of making a positive community impact by nurturing students’ academic potential and boosting confidence is also key to their continued growth.
8. Code Ninjas: Promoting child-focused coding instruction through video game creation in over 300 locations globally.
  • Code Ninjas’ success stems from the rising demand for coding education for kids, and their variety of engaging programs cater to this need effectively.
  • Access to the knowledge and expertise of the largest and fastest-growing kids coding franchise is a significant success factor.
9. Lingotot: Offering award-winning multi-language education for children.
  • The demand for multilingual education is on the rise, and Lingotot successfully addresses this with a wide range of languages on offer.
  • Being a multi-award-winning franchise renowned for quality and innovation contributes significantly to their successful brand image.
10. KidZee: Providing preschool and kindergarten education via the iLLUME method in over 25,000 centers globally.
  • KidZee’s impactful presence can be credited to its innovative curriculum, which enhances children’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative skills.
  • As India’s largest preschool chain, having educated more than 900,000 children, KidZee’s expansive reach and impact make it a successful and trusted brand.


Each of these franchises has demonstrated growth and stability in their respective markets. They’ve proven successful in the highly competitive and increasingly relevant field of education. By investing in these franchises, you’re entering an industry that is resistant to economic downturns, as education continues to be a priority regardless of economic conditions. Moreover, you’re also becoming part of a mission to enhance the quality of education and enrich the lives of learners across the globe. Your investment contributes to fostering a culture of learning and progress. Obviously, you also need to conduct financial analysis before making an investment.

Key Considerations for Investing in Education Franchises

Understanding the Market of the Educational Services 

As an investor, your first task is to determine whether the educational services offered by the franchise are relevant to the market demands and if they are geared towards future needs. With the fast-paced changes in technology and industry, it’s vital that the educational services offered keep pace. You’ll want to invest in a franchise that regularly updates its courses, embraces digital learning tools, and provides skills that are likely to be in high demand in the future.

Evaluating the Success and Robustness of Education Franchise Business Models

An effective business model is the cornerstone of a successful franchise. Examine whether the franchise has a track record of success and a robust business model that can be duplicated. Look at how the franchise supports its franchisees – do they offer comprehensive training, ongoing support, marketing assistance, and a clear growth strategy? A proven business model not only increases your chances of success but also minimizes the risks associated with the investment.

Aligning Your Investment with Passion and Values in Education

Lastly, and most importantly, ensure that the franchise’s values align with your own. Consider whether you, as an investor or entrepreneur, bring added-value and a helpful skill set to the franchise and its promotion in your desired territory. The most successful investors are those who are passionate about the industry in which they invest and believe in the mission and vision of the franchise. This alignment makes the venture not just financially profitable, but also personally rewarding and impactful. If you believe in the importance of education and are passionate about contributing to this field, you’ll likely find more success and satisfaction in your investment.

By taking these considerations into account, you can make a more informed decision about which education franchise is the right investment opportunity for you.

A Spotlight on Wawiwa: A Game Changer in Tech Training

Let’s focus on a unique and distinctive education brand in this space – Wawiwa. This is not your everyday education franchise; it’s a path-breaking global training provider from Israel that has masterfully embraced a fresh perspective on tech training.

Wawiwa Tech, an Israeli startup, is not only an education provider, but also an enabler, a catalyst, and a bridge builder. Israel is #1 in Startups per Capita and #3 in Nasdaq-listed companies (after U.S. and China). Wawiwa is redefining the tech education landscape by establishing local tech training centers and programs in collaboration with partners around the globe. Wawiwa’s Heads of Programs are industry leaders in their respective tech domains in Israel.​ In just a couple of years, Wawiwa has established partnerships in countries as diverse as Canada, Sri Lanka, Romania, Australia, France, Portugal, Japan, Philippines, and Ecuador. Such expansive coverage indicates the franchise’s ability to adapt to various cultural contexts and educational norms, underlining its international appeal.

Wawiwa stands out with its comprehensive franchising approach. It initiates with an in-depth business plan based on local market research, competitive analyses, and tailored program offerings. It provides extensive support to the local franchisee in setting up the tech infrastructure, hiring local staff, and localizing the program. Wawiwa also offers extensive training using its unique JET Design® methodology. It emphasizes job placements for graduates, as brand ambassadors, with readiness workshops and job fairs, and as the local training center grows, Wawiwa aids in managing operations, marketing, sales, and strategic business development. This all-encompassing model underscores Wawiwa’s dedication to each franchisee’s success.

The company’s focus on reskilling and upskilling to high-demand tech jobs such as Full-Stack Developers, Frontend Developers, Data Analysts, and Cybersecurity Analysts holds great appeal. This not only ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of the tech industry, but it also enhances their employability. 

Beyond this, Wawiwa’s commitment to localized, adaptive tech education gives investors the added advantage of entering into new and untapped markets. Wawiwa’s model doesn’t just promote tech education, it actively adapts to the needs and nuances of each market it enters, creating a broader and more diverse client base. 

Why Choose Wawiwa Over Traditional Education Franchises?

When compared to traditional education franchises, Wawiwa stands out for its tech training, which is a global growing need, and its innovative, forward-thinking approach. Wawiwa recognizes and addresses the increasing importance of digital literacy and need for tech talent in today’s world and has created training programs that meet the growing demand for tech skills worldwide.

Wawiwa’s model goes beyond standard education models, focusing not just on delivering content, but on empowering tech professionals who are ready to conquer the tech industry. Its unique approach and successful track record in multiple countries demonstrate the company’s capacity to adapt and flourish in various environments, a trait highly valued in the ever-changing tech industry.

Moreover, Wawiwa’s philosophy of education goes beyond learning. It fosters an entrepreneurial spirit in its students, equipping them with the skills needed to innovate and lead in their fields. By partnering with Wawiwa, you’re not merely starting a local business; you’re contributing to the development of a new generation of tech leaders in your country and strengthening your local tech ecosystem.

The tech industry is continuously evolving, and with it, the demand for skilled tech professionals is growing. The potential for expansion and success for a tech education franchise like Wawiwa is vast, particularly given the accelerating pace of digital transformation in all aspects of life.

The scalability of Wawiwa’s model is also a significant asset. The company’s ability to offer both physical training centers and online learning solutions, for both consumer (B2C) audiences and companies’ training needs (B2B), positions it well to expand rapidly and effectively in multiple markets, making it an attractive opportunity.


While all educational franchises bring their unique strengths to the table, Wawiwa, with its focus on tech education, offers an investment opportunity like no other. It’s not just about growth and profitability; it’s about contributing to a cause that is shaping our future. Partnering with Wawiwa means contributing to bridging the tech skills gap, to the reskilling and upskilling of the future workforce, and to the development of the tech leaders of tomorrow.

In an era where tech skills are no longer optional but necessary, starting a training center that empowers people with these skills is not just a good business move, it’s a socially responsible one. That’s an opportunity truly worth considering.

Partner with Wawiwa to offer tech training programs in less than 6 months!

Wawiwa bridges the tech skills gap by reskilling people for tech professions in high demand. There are millions of tech vacancies and not enough tech professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills to fill them. What the industry needs of employees is not taught in long academic degrees. Wawiwa helps partners around the world to reskill, and upskill people for tech jobs through local tech training centers or programs. The company utilizes a proven training methodology, cutting-edge content, digital platforms for learning and assessment, and strong industry relations, to deliver training programs that result in higher employability and graduate satisfaction. This, in turn, also creates a strong training brand and a sustainable business for Wawiwa’s partners.
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