According to the World Economic Forum, in the next five years, 83 million jobs are projected to be lost. Technology is changing our work, displacing jobs, and altering the skills that are in demand. Millions of people will need reskilling to tech, billions would need upskilling.

🔥 Are you already looking to make a career shift to tech? 💻 Wondering which reskilling or upskilling path to take? 🛣️ Watch our exciting webinar, “How to Choose an Impactful Career Path in Tech?” that took place on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023.

🎙️ Our expert speakers, Eran Lasser, a tech training veteran – Founder and CEO at Wawiwa Tech and the founder and co-CEO of John Bryce Training – and Galit Rubinstein, an experienced Career and Organizational Psychologist and VP HR, shared their insights on:

🌐 The latest macro trends in tech

🔧 Which types of reskilling and upskilling paths exist?

🚪 Choosing the right entry point into tech

💼 Finding the path to become job-ready in tech

🚀 Galit and Eran delved into the paths for reskilling, how to overcome challenges when reskilling, and the significance of having an impactful tech career. This is not just about making a living – it’s about making a difference. 

✨ Whether you’re already in tech or looking to make the leap, this is a can’t-miss opportunity to glean insights from industry veterans and make your career decisions with confidence!

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