Product Manager Program


90 Hours / 4 Months, Part-Time Evening Course


The course provides product management knowledge and tools for product managers at various levels including beginners, experienced and VP product management roles. The course is suitable for companies at different levels of activity, such as startups, local or global, which require rapid development of products and dealing with a competitive and dynamic markets.

The course consists of 90 academic hours, includes practical and hands-on activity (exercises) with developing of real products + 30h of final project, covering and executing the entire training plan.

This rich and complete training was and is delivered in different educational programs such as:

  • Private and internal training, In the last 10 years, to different High-Tech companies in Israel
  • Public training, in the Israeli Export and International Cooperation Institute (part of the Ministry of Labor in Israel)
  • Academic course, in the Technion, the Israeli Technology Institute, as a regular training program from 2017
  • Implemented as, train the trainer program, in the National University of Singapore, in Feb 2013
  • Currently in implementation in one of the leading collage of business management, in Israel

The course is divided into two main specializations: product management and product marketing. The materials include detailed product management methodology, strategy building and case studies from years of field experience.


Product Management

The product manager (also known as the “product planner“) is company’s expert in the product and technology aspects and represents the demand of the market and customers to the development team.

Product manager specializes in the product itself. It includes responsibility for the definition of new and existing products, management of product requirements, specifications and definition of its features, based on the needs of the market and the customers, covering the entire evolvement plan of the product, during time. 


Product Marketing

The Product Marketer specializes in the market, business and marketing aspects of the product. It includes, identifying market opportunities, understanding market trends, needs and competition. The role covers creating market awareness and deals with product positioning, market planning, methods of product distribution, and the training of marketing and sales personnel in market topics related to the product.

  • Understanding of market realities and product failure reasons
  • Product management domain
  • Product management Roles and Goals
  • Market & sales analysis
  • Competitive analysis and competitive strategy
  • Working with customers – “the voice of the customer”
  • Business case and business planning
  • Product Strategy
  • Market requirements
  • Personas & use cases
  • Product & Solution definition
  • Product requirements
  • Overall requirements management
  • Product roadmap
  • Market plan and positioning
  • Roll-out process
  • Change management
  • Working with R&D (covering Agile, WF and other development methodologies)
  • Demos, seminars & tradeshows
  • Training & knowledge transfer
  • Working with sales (incl. Win/loss analysis)
  • Lean Startup Methodology

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