In Loving Memory of Leon Malalel


It is with profound sorrow that we mourn the passing of Leon Malalel, our esteemed first Head of the Product Manager Program at Wawiwa Tech. A beacon of knowledge and wisdom, Leon’s distinguished career in high-tech and product management spanned over 30 years, in which he held numerous roles in both global multinational enterprises and SMBs. 

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Leon was instrumental in aiding companies in selecting, defining, training, and implementing product management teams, best practices, and processes. His expertise in establishing and managing product management groups in companies, and in creating valuable Product Management training programs and materials, was invaluable to Wawiwa and many others.

Leon was also a respected educator, lecturing at the Technion – the Israel Institute of Technology, where he was adored by many students. His teachings were a true testament to his passion and in-depth knowledge in his field of Product Management. He was the embodiment of lifelong learning, developing his methodologies as technology and practices advanced in Israel, the Startup Nation, and around the world. Leon’s willingness to share his wealth of knowledge with students and the general public was awe-inspiring. 

Leon was a practical optimist. He used to say: “Many companies assume that a technological product will always be successful, without understanding the marketing component of the product’s success. To increase a product’s chances of success, you need to ensure a holistic product management that applies a complete and practical methodology. The world of product management provides tools and work methods that are able to deal with all potential failures known to man, based on years of experience. Product Managers must implement true product thinking, a way of thinking that puts the customer at the center.”

In 2022, Leon was diagnosed with ALS, an incurable muscular dystrophy. Despite the toll the disease took on his body, Leon’s spirit remained unbroken, his intellect unimpaired. Even while in a wheelchair and struggling to speak, he continued to inspire us with his courage, tenacity, and a sense of humor that was uniquely his own. His remarkable strength was evident as he continued to teach, despite his deteriorating health, up until his final days. 

Leon recently shared with his students, “I had the pleasure of teaching you. Thank you that despite the sickness, you listened intently and didn’t complain. You strengthened me more than anything else. Thanks to you, I was happy to get up every morning.”

Remembering Leon Malalel 

Eran Lasser, Founder and CEO of Wawiwa Tech:

“Leon Malalel was more than just an esteemed colleague; he was a true friend and a mentor to many. His passion for teaching, his dedication to product management, and his tenacity in the face of his illness were nothing short of inspirational.

Leon’s loss is deeply felt at Wawiwa Tech. His insights, vibrant personality, and infectious enthusiasm have left an indelible mark on us all. As we bid farewell to Leon, we do so with heavy hearts, but also with immense gratitude for his remarkable contributions to the company and the privilege of knowing him. 

Rest in peace, Leon. You will be greatly missed. We share our deepest condolences with Orna, your beloved wife, and your two kids, Yaniv and Shirley.

Your legacy will live on through our Product Management Program that you’ve established, and through the countless graduates, people and organizations that you’ve profoundly influenced.

Eran and the Wawiwa Tech team”