Data Analysis Upskilling Courses

Boost Your Career with Essential Data Skills.

Data analysis has become crucial for making informed decisions and identifying trends. Companies urgently need Data Analysts with current skills to make sense of the huge and constantly changing amounts of data. Additionally, every profession requires a certain degree of data analysis skills. 

Upskilling in Data Analysis is essential as it equips individuals with the ability to interpret and leverage data effectively. Mastering these skills ensures that you can contribute significantly to your organization’s decision making and business success.

Wawiwa partners around the world offer the following upskilling courses in data analysis

Our data analysis courses are tailored to enrich your skills and expand your analytical capabilities. Each course offers practical exercises ensuring that you not only learn the theory, but also apply your new skills effectively. Our curriculum is crafted to empower you to analyze data confidently, make informed decisions, and propel your career forward.

Transform data into actionable insights and become a key asset to any team.

Advanced Excel Skills

35 Academic Hours

Improve your Excel competence and make you a spreadsheet pro. You’ll learn how to master Excel, from basic spreadsheet setup and formula creation to advanced data analysis and visualization techniques, equipping you with the skills to efficiently manage and interpret large datasets.

SQL Foundations

100 Academic Hours

Learn the basics of SQL programming and gain the skills needed to query and manipulate databases with ease. Looking to master SQL and boost your career in data analysis? Join our SQL Foundation Course and become a confident ace of databases.

Python Course for Data Professionals

60 Academic Hours

Python programmers are highly sought after, with reports indicating a 20% annual increase in demand. Learn the basics of Python programming and get a deep understanding of its concepts and best practices.

Power BI: Data Visualization and Analysis

30 Academic Hours

Power BI is one of the most in-demand skills required of data analysts. Gain competency in the array of tools available in the application, along with practical guides and best practices for data analysts.

Professional Supervisor

This unique program was built by a professional team made up of the leading experts in Data Science and Analytics, with vast knowledge and experience in training too. Supervising the plan is Wawiwa's Head of Data Analysis programs, Mrs. Talia Morchi.
Talia Morchi

Talia Morchi

Head of Data Analysis Programs

Talia has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, having held the roles of Product Manager, Project Manager, and Data Solutions Manager, where she specialized in data analysis in addition to her other responsibilities. She is a lecturer at G-Stat and both an academic director and lecturer at New Media College in Israel, where she manages, teaches, and develops training materials for the Data Analyst courses. Talia is an expert in various development tools, including SQL, Python, Excel, and uniPaaS.

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