Natalie Lipin

Natalie is a Sales Development Representative for English-speaking countries, with a key focus on developing partnerships to expand the network and reach of Wawiwa.

Natalie worked at Cornerstone OnDemand, where she contributed significantly to sales pipelines. She led European and global sales initiatives as the first EMEA Sales Development Representative at Transmit Security and served as a Customer Retention Specialist at a music education app.

Balancing her business acumen with a passion for the arts, Natalie teaches Theatre and managed training at an Israeli non-profit organization for youth education. Notably, she has toured the globe, featuring in West End and Broadway productions, and represented brands like Disney, Google, Reebok, Simply, Taboola, and Wordtune in worldwide marketing campaigns.

Natalie holds a Master’s Degree in Music & Theatre from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.