Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s: The Job Role of Quality Assurance Specialists

Software development is a meticulous process that requires attention to detail and precision. Luckily, QA Specialists have what it takes to maintain software quality. 

Software development is a thorough process that requires attention to detail, precision, and commitment. From ideation to deployment, Software Developers are working steadfastly to produce the highest quality software products for consumption. However, Full-Stack Developers and Frontend Developers are not doing it alone. 

Other tech professionals are also there at every step of the process, catching any bugs or problems within the software and promptly removing them. Known as Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists, these professionals provide a fresh look and meticulous checks to catch mistakes that Software Developers may not have noticed the first time around. They analyze from the perspective of the end user, looking for issues that may not have been thought about.

The demand for QA Specialists is rising, with more and more companies increasing their budgets for their QA teams. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of QA analysts and testers is projected to grow by 22% from 2020 to 2030, around 2% per year. QA Specialists are known to be some of the happiest professionals around. Through a study of the happiest jobs conducted by Data Scientists at CareerBliss, QA specialists were ranked 2nd, only behind teaching assistants! 

Kobi Yonasi, Wawiwa’s head of QA programs, can attest to this sentiment. “I have worked in the QA field for more than a decade and have had an incredible time,” says Kobi. “Being able to solve problems, work closely with other like-minded and dedicated tech experts, and create software that works as expected and is meaningful for customers has allowed me not only to grow in my professional career, but find satisfaction in my work. It is what inspired me to help spread the know-how of QA at both the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and Wawiwa Tech Training.” 

With software emerging practically every day in this age of IoT and robotics, companies will continue to need QA professionals to check and verify that their software and tech products are the best they can be, and released with minimal risk. If companies are not diligent with QA during testing stages, they have the potential to lose money and hurt their reputation to the point of no return. Take, for instance, the software bug found in Boeing’s 737 Max.

QA Specialists: The Detectives of Tech 

QA Specialists have a variety of responsibilities that help to enhance the software deployment process. First, since QA Specialists work closely with Software Developers, they do need to have an understanding of computer languages such as SQL, a nonprocedural language used to retrieve and manage data in relational databases, and HTML, the language used to structure web pages and their content. 

Additionally, they must know various software development methodologies, such as Waterfall, V-Model, and Agile. By understanding the practices of a Developer, a QA Specialist can enhance the collaboration process. 

QA Specialists must also be proficient in a wide variety of software testing methodologies, and be able to run tests in web, cloud, and mobile app environments. In recent years, QA testing through automation has increased in popularity. 

Through program frameworks like Selenium, a QA Specialist can write scripts that align with software objectives and can be automatically tested. If a test script fails, then a QA Specialist can uncover where the fault occurred, and run more tests until the requirements are satisfied. 

While they primarily work with Software Developers, QA specialists may also interact with Data Scientists, DevOps Specialists, UI/UX Designers, and many other tech professionals. Exposure to this wide array of other tech fields allows QA specialists to not only work with other tech sectors, but gives them the opportunity to consider other tech careers they may be interested in pursuing later in their career.

The work QA Specialists do can be compared to detectives. In the same way that detectives must assess every single theory, suspect, and motive, QA specialists must inspect the software to find every single coding mistake, bug, and condition within the software that does not satisfy the product requirements. This “detective” work during the development of software is allowing companies to save money, time, and effort.

The defining characteristic of a QA Specialist is their meticulousness. They are responsible for knowing every single detail about the software, its functionality, and what requirements it must satisfy. QA Specialists are constantly assessing the digital product, thinking outside of the box, and using creativity to determine what can be improved. This very detailed work translates to hearing satisfaction when a software product is launched and used with joy by end-users.

Wawiwa’s QA Specialist Program

The exciting and fulfilling job role of a QA Specialist may seem like it needs several years of education and training. However, the tech landscape cannot wait any longer for 4-year degrees. As a result, many people, with or without tech backgrounds, are turning to reskilling and upskilling programs to quickly learn the skills needed to join the fast-paced and exciting world of tech as QA Specialists.

Wawiwa Tech Training is an Israeli education provider that works with partners around the world to reskill people to tech jobs in high demand. Wawiwa’s QA Specialist program is a 280 hour, part-time program that takes 6-7 months to complete.

Students that take this program develop knowledge and skills in the different methods of QA testing, basic data concepts, and software testing across web, cloud, and mobile platforms through hands-on projects and teamwork. The curriculum also has a focus on career-oriented soft skills, CV-building, and job-interview preparation to ensure graduates are successful and easily employable within their local tech ecosystem.

If you have a keen eye for the small things and you’re interested in getting into tech, becoming a QA Specialist may be the perfect vehicle to be part of improving the world’s digital products!

Partner with Wawiwa to offer tech training programs in less than 6 months!

Wawiwa bridges the tech skills gap by reskilling people for tech professions in high demand. There are millions of tech vacancies and not enough tech professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills to fill them. What the industry needs of employees is not taught in long academic degrees. Wawiwa helps partners around the world to reskill, and upskill people for tech jobs through local tech training centers or programs. The company utilizes a proven training methodology, cutting-edge content, digital platforms for learning and assessment, and strong industry relations, to deliver training programs that result in higher employability and graduate satisfaction. This, in turn, also creates a strong training brand and a sustainable business for Wawiwa’s partners.
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