Wawiwa Tech and Consulting Systems Partner to Launch a Cybersecurity Training Program for Businesses in Ecuador

Strategic Partnership Enhances Cybersecurity Skills Development to Address the Cyber Talent Shortage in Ecuador

Guayaquil, Ecuador, July 14, 2023 – Wawiwa Tech, a global tech training provider based in Israel, the Startup Nation, and Consulting Systems CStech S.A.S, a leading cyber consultancy in Ecuador, have announced today a strategic partnership agreement aimed at improving Cybersecurity awareness and resilience in Ecuador through offering a cutting-edge training program for businesses.

In response to a growing global demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals, Wawiwa Tech and Consulting Systems are launching a Cybersecurity and Incident Response training program in Ecuador. This program provides businesses in Ecuador with an exceptional opportunity to advance their cybersecurity capabilities and tackle the escalating challenge of cyber threats.

The surging reliance on digital data and infrastructure has caused an explosion in the demand for cybersecurity professionals across the globe. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide grew 350% between 2013 and 2021, to 3.5 million open jobs. The research also predicts that in five years, the same number of jobs will still be open. In Ecuador, this need is particularly felt. Ecuador has officially recognized national (and sector-specific) cybersecurity frameworks for implementing internationally recognized cybersecurity standards through the following instruments: The “Estrategia Nacional de Ciberseguridad”, elaborated by the “Comité Nacional de Ciberseguridad” a local working group, dealing with cybersecurity, which gathers together many public and private organizations. According to a report by the Organization of American States (OAS) and Cisco, there is a gap between supply and demand for cybersecurity talent in Latin America, and tech education is in high need across the continent.

Wawiwa Tech, a leading global tech training company from Israel, has a broad set of cutting-edge tech training programs that reskill and upskill people to tech jobs in high demand. In Cybersecurity, the company boasts a catalog of short cyber courses of 28-80 hours for different levels and audiences in organizations, offering training in cyber awareness, malware analysis, cyber threat intelligence, social engineering defense, penetration testing, cyber threat hunting, incident response, network and Windows forensics, and more. Wawiwa utilizes a proven blended training methodology with a strong emphasis on hands-on program, the most up to date content, advanced cyber simulators, and digital learning platforms, to deliver tech training programs. All cyber programs are aligned with industry-accepted standards and certifications.

Consulting Systems, Wawiwa’s partner in Ecuador, is a renowned cybersecurity training institution based in Guayaquil. With more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting, and led by its CEO, Ing. Karina Astudillo B., an expert in Cybersecurity and bestselling author, the company empowers organizations with high-level training programs that are recognized globally. It’s also the owner of Hacker Academy, with a mission to help students become expert professionals in cybersecurity, making cyberspace a safer place.

Consulting Systems and Wawiwa will offer in Ecuador the Cybersecurity and Incident Response Program. This instructor-led, 40 academic hours program is targeting enterprises and SMB, and designed for employees with some background in IT. The program provides an introduction to incident response and teaches organizations how to handle common security incidents. The program covers critical topics such as malware analysis, digital forensics investigations, as well as wider trends from the cyber threat intelligence arena.

Graduates of the program will understand how to create an incident response plan; how to detect, identify, and contain the most common cyber security incidents; how to discover and identify suspicious malware activity and malicious code on endpoints across the organization’s infrastructure; and how to use advanced techniques and tools to analyze malware and defend their organization’s data and digital infrastructure.

Following the launch of the first cyber training program, the companies will decide on additional tech training programs that would be offered in Ecuador to organizations and individuals.

Karina Astudillo B., CEO of Consulting Systems, says, “Our decision to partner with Wawiwa is rooted in their proven ability to deliver top-tier tech training across cultures and languages. The new cyber programs would be delivered in Spanish by local trainers, trained in the Wawiwa methodology, with additional lectures by experts from Israel. This partnership aligns with our mission to help our students grow professionally, and we look forward to equipping more cybersecurity professionals in Ecuador with essential skills to safeguard our digital future.”

Eran Lasser, Founder and CEO at Wawiwa, states, “We’re committed to reskilling the world to tech, and we’re thrilled to extend our programs and footprint to Ecuador, and Latin America. By providing advanced cybersecurity training, we aim to address the existing skills gap, empowering businesses to effectively combat evolving cyber threats.”

For more information, please visit the Wawiwa and Consulting Systems websites:

For press interviews, please contact Oded Israeli, CMO at Wawiwa Tech, at oded@wawiwa-tech.com, or Fabricio Tumbaco, Community Manager at Consulting Systems, at fabricio@consulting-systems.tech.

Wawiwa and Consulting Systems Partnership Cybersecurity Ecuador

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