Wawiwa Tech Announces Partnership with South Africa’s CTU Training Solutions

Wawiwa Tech is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with CTU Training Solutions that opens up possibilities for vocational tech training in South Africa.

Tel Aviv, April 20, 2023 – We’re proud to announce a new partnership between Wawiwa Tech, a global education provider with expertise in vocational tech training, and CTU Training Solutions, a leading provider of training solutions in South Africa. 

The new partnership aims to exchange ideas and collaborate on research and best practices related to technology-oriented training. The two organizations will share knowledge about technological tools and platforms across Information Technology programs, and provide one another technical insights into technological advancements in the corporate sector. The two companies will facilitate research and scholarly exchange between them, and among their business partners, and Wawiwa will assist CTU with the review of its curricula to meet industry needs for various tech professions and topics, based on the knowledge accumulated in Israel, the Startup Nation. In addition, Wawiwa and CTU students from around the world will get to collaborate on hands-on projects and hackathons as part of their studies. 

For the past two years, Leah Mansoor, VP Business Development at Wawiwa, sits on CTU’s Advisory Committee and will continue to serve as a member and oversee the partnership between the two companies.

About Wawiwa and CTU Training Solutions

Wawiwa is reskilling the world to tech. Wawiwa is a tech education provider from Israel, the Startup Nation, which bridges the tech skills gap by establishing local tech training centers and programs with partners around the world. Over the last two years, we have announced Wawiwa-powered partnerships in 10 geographies including: Canada, Sri Lanka, Romania, Australia, France, Portugal, Japan, and the Philippines.

CTU Training Solutions is one of South Africa’s preeminent educational, vocational and technical training institutions, offering students the possibility of full-time degree studies and part-time skills-based training. Established in 1987, CTU differentiates itself by offering international vendor-related certification and national qualification programs that are aimed at ensuring the professional success of its graduates. CTU’s mission is to “design, develop and deliver an exceptional learning experience that cultivates educated and skilled citizens who will contribute to socio-economic growth.”

According to Leah Mansoor, VP Business Development at Wawiwa: “I am happy to announce the next step in the collaboration between Wawiwa and CTU. I’m sure that together we will be able to take tech and professional training in South Africa to the next level.” 

Dr. Abhinanda Barman, CTU’s Academic Dean, stated: “CTU is delighted to partner with Wawiwa in order to share knowledge and experience in developing vocational tech training programs. We are certain that South Africa has much to gain from the knowledge accumulated in Israel, the Startup Nation, and look forward to learning from Wawiwa’s best practices on reskilling the world to tech.”

Partner with Wawiwa to offer tech training programs in less than 6 months!

Wawiwa bridges the tech skills gap by reskilling people for tech professions in high demand. There are millions of tech vacancies and not enough tech professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills to fill them. What the industry needs of employees is not taught in long academic degrees. Wawiwa helps partners around the world to reskill, and upskill people for tech jobs through local tech training centers or programs. The company utilizes a proven training methodology, cutting-edge content, digital platforms for learning and assessment, and strong industry relations, to deliver training programs that result in higher employability and graduate satisfaction. This, in turn, also creates a strong training brand and a sustainable business for Wawiwa’s partners.
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