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Wawiwa is an education provider from Israel, dubbed internationally as the Startup Nation. Wawiwa brings tech training methodologies that were developed in Israel to ecosystems worldwide. From start to finish, Israel’s depth and breadth of knowledge, skills, and innovation are represented in all of Wawiwa’s programs!

Startup Nation - the Land of Milk, Honey, and High Tech

Israel’s atmosphere cultivates an entrepreneurial environment. No matter where you go, creativity and technology are explored and developed by millions of Israelis, creating masses of startups in every possible sector. Many Israeli startups have become global enterprises or unicorns, while others have garnered international prominence when acquired or IPOed.

Many unicorns and globally known innovations:

Thousands of start-ups in any imaginable technology segment:

Startup Nation in Numbers

Take a look at some amazing statistics about Israel’s ecosystem:

Without a doubt, Israel is truly the Startup Nation!

Israel Tech Training Methodology

One vital component in the success of Israel as a technology powerhouse stems from the tech training methodologies employed and perfected in the Israeli army. All young men and women in Israel must serve in the Israeli army for at least a few years.

Several elite units, such as Mamram and 8200, focus on training its soldiers for technical professions – programmers, IT experts, data scientists, cyber defenders, and more. 18 year olds with no previous technical background become tech experts and cyber warriors in a matter of months! Once service is up, such individuals have superb tech knowledge and the skills needed to swiftly assimilate into the Israeli tech industry.

One such individual who took this newfound knowledge and expertise to his advantage is none other than our CEO and Founder, Eran Lasser. During his time in the Israeli army, he became a commander in Mamram’s training school, sharpening the technical skills of thousands of cadets using the best, in class Israeli methodologies. Taking all that he had learned from his military service, he devoted his civilian life to adapting the methodologies to reskilling other civilians to tech jobs in high demand, and spreading the Israeli tech training know-how worldwide. During his career to date, Eran has reskilled over 50,000 individuals in 10 countries, and does not plan on stopping there!

Wawiwa Brings Israeli Tech Training to the World at Scale

Building on decades of know-how and expertise, Wawiwa’s management has created impactful tech training programs that can turn any qualified person into a tech professional in 6 to 9 months.

First, Wawiwa uses a proprietary pre-program assessment, leveraging decades of data about recruiting and placement, to ensure candidates are for tech and assigned to programs that match their skills.

Then, selected applicants begin part time reskilling training. Our tested and proven Job-Effective Training (JET) Methodology ensures that students are gaining not only knowledge, but also the necessary industry standard skills and hands-on experience that would make them valuable and productive as early as the first day of work in their chosen tech job. Wawiwa also brings Israeli tech experts for value-added lectures on cutting edge technologies and tech career development to its partners and students around the world.


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