“More Women Need to Learn Tech, Fast.”

Women learn tech

It’s in the data: male dominance in the technology sector is bad for women and bad for the industry as well. More women should take action to gain tech skills and rule this world, too.

Why Reskilling to Tech Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution for 2021

New Year Resolutions

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to think about what we want to accomplish in 2021. Reskilling to tech should be part of your new year resolutions. If you’re considering a career change in 2021, a good bet would be to enroll in a tech training program that leads to lucrative tech jobs in high demand.

What does it take to be Job-Ready in Tech?

Job Ready in Tech

Job readiness is more important than ever in today’s business environment. A computer science degree and online courses do not necessarily produce job-ready candidates. So what does it take?

The 6 Soft Skills Needed to Land a Tech Job

Soft skills are needed to land a job in tech

In an era of technology, data, and automation, soft skills are topping the charts in importance for the future of the workplace. Here are the top 6 soft skills that are needed to land a job in tech.

Project-Based Training Trumps Certification Every Time

A certificate is nice to have, but for recruitment, employers look for hands-on experience as a glimpse into the true abilities of the candidate. Education institutions that wish to supply job-ready, employable graduates should opt for training programs that put an emphasis on hands-on work and project-based learning.

New Collar Programming Jobs: Full-Stack Developer and Frontend Developer


Two tech job roles that are always in high demand are Full-stack and Frontend Developers. These two roles represent the backbone of the tech industry. They are the individuals who build and program both the functionality of the disruptive software we use daily, and their look and feel. There are never enough of them to satiate the world’s growing hunger for new technology.

Tech Talk Terminology: Skills Gap vs. Skills Shortage

Wawiwa - Tech Skills Gap

Terminology such as the ‘tech skills gap’ and the ‘tech skills shortage’ some time gets confused. Both of these terms describe two similar — yet distinct — challenges that the global industry currently faces.

5 Ways Universities Can Produce Job-Ready High-Tech Professionals

5 Ways Universities Can Produce Job-Ready High-Tech Professionals

Wawiwa Blog Historically, universities were not career-oriented, but were established as institutions for the purpose of research and learning. Over time, many university courses offered curriculums that were sufficient to land a job in the last century. However, a lot of today’s centers of education are missing the knowledge that is required for the current […]