Technology and the Future of Adult Learning

Oded Israeli, CMO at Wawiwa Tech, gave a lecture at the 2022 annual conference of AAACE – the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. The mission of AAACE is to provide leadership in adult and continuing education by providing possibilities for adult growth and development. 

Oded discussed the transformation of adult learning, from a field that is mostly corporate-driven to a “human-centric” one driven by technological transformation and individuals’ career aspirations in a post-pandemic world.

Oded discussed several trends that are impacting adult learning in corporations. 

One trend, particularly among Millennials, is that employees pick positions based on the opportunity to grow and learn in their current work, to be accepted for the next job and workplace, questioning the return on investment for L&D initiatives.

Another trend is the influx of technology as a vertical and within any job and other industries. Technical talent is in demand everywhere and, accordingly, reskilling to tech and upskilling in tech is necessary as the main adult learning path for individuals and organizations.  

Adult learning models are continuously changing. Getting academic education and degrees in universities to find a profession for a lifetime is no longer a valid strategy for people. Instead, young professionals seek practical training and faster learning formats that would result in employability and decent livelihood. 


To learn more about how adult learning is evolving from corporate-driven L&D to human-centric training, and what you and your organization can do to better adapt to such changes, watch the full video above.

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