When Tech Teams Tick: The Creation of Digital Products

The technology industry is home to a wide array of positions. When Managers, Designers, Developers, and other tech specialists come together with a unified purpose, the digital products they release are truly incredible!

Every single car is composed of the same important parts. The engine is the core of the vehicle, fueled by gas or electricity to take you to your destination. The accelerator and brake pedals help you maintain control of the speed of the car. Even the wipers are vital, providing a clear line of sight on those rainy days. While all car parts have their own unique capabilities, it is when they tick together that the full functionality of the car is achieved! The same phenomenon is evident everyday within every tech company.

Technology is created by many people, holding many job roles and specialties. From Software Developers to Product Managers to QA Specialists, each position brings a special skill set to the table. When tech positions collaborate with one another to create digital software products, the possibilities are truly endless. 

The Anatomy of a Tech Company

The beating heart of a tech company is its product. The product is a realization of a company’s goals, vision, and mission. To ensure the best product is put into a customer’s hands, the Product Manager is the main driver of the tech team. As the CEO of the product, the Product Manager establishes a vision and roadmap to be followed and orchestrates the development process. 

The Product Manager is an advocate for the consumer, coordinating requirements to address customer needs. To make this vision more tangible to the development team, the Product Manager works with UI/UX Designers. From sketchy wireframes to detailed flows, the UI/UX Designers provide the designs for how the product will look and behave. 

The development team will then program the product and bring it to life!  Full-Stack Developers and Frontend Developers combine their coding skills to establish the frontend and backend of the digital product. Frontend developers focus primarily on how the app, website, or digital product will look. Full-Stack Developers can switch between frontend work and handling the backend, which includes databases, servier logic, and infrastructure of the digital product. 

As the product develops, Quality Assurance Specialists are there at every step of the way. Providing a fresh look and performing meticulous checks, QA Specialists thoroughly analyze the digital products to catch any bugs or problems that the Development or IT Operations team may have missed. 

To help keep the product secure, Cybersecurity Analysts monitor the IT infrastructure associated with the digital product. They work closely with the development team to establish preventative measures within and around the digital product to keep customers safe and keep hackers away. With development and IT teams working together on the same project, it’s essential that everyone collaborates effectively. The DevOps Specialist leads this unification, providing tools, methods, and processes that speed up product deployment. 

After months of teamwork, the digital product is finally ready. Product Managers work with Digital Marketing Specialists to create marketing collateral and promote the product across channels. Customer feedback on the campaigns can significantly improve the product and affect future releases. 

Additionally, the data team, composed of Data Scientists and Data Analysts, uses the data accumulated from consumer interaction with the product to improve business results and make decisions on the next steps for growing the tech company.

Joining The Tech Movement

Working as a tech professional makes for a meaningful career, and allows for lifelong opportunities to collaborate with different people and professions. Tech companies no longer require 4-year degrees or tons of experience to welcome new talent in. 

Through a reskilling program like those offered by Wawiwa Tech Training’s partners around the world, anyone can enter the tech industry in a matter of months! Wawiwa Tech Training provides meaningful learning, hands-on exercises, lectures from industry experts, for a relatively modest investment so that you can obtain a career for life as a tech professional!

There is always a tech position that plays into your strengths and interests. The time to reskill to tech and to make a lasting impact on your life and the digital world around us is now!

Partner with Wawiwa to offer tech training programs in less than 6 months!

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